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:: Patch v1.8 LIVE JEUDI ! ::

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Inscrit le: 05 Nov 2010
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MessagePosté le: Lun 14 Mar - 15:33 (2011)    Sujet du message: Patch v1.8 LIVE JEUDI ! Répondre en citant

Ready for some all-new content?! Patch v1.8 is about to hit the server—check out what’s coming:

New Territory: As we head towards Sector 4, clones will soon be discovering the area of Terminal Woods, which at half the size of a full Sector includes an all-new ecosystem, 50 new missions, new camps and encounter areas, recipes and gear, achievements and PvP zone. Terminal Woods also introduces all-new bosses, including four Scavenger bosses and six World bosses!

Nuclear Blast Heavy Metal Bunker Bar: Located in heart of Boneclaw, this newly uncovered bunker bar will feature over a dozen hit tracks from Nuclear Blast Record’s artists on the Wasteland’s very own Nuclear Blast Radio (NBR)!

Economy Improvements: We’re working on some ongoing improvements and in patch 1.8, we’ve revised component and recipe costs and adjusted node drop-rates on resources.

New Social Channels: Two new chat channels will make it easier to locate groups and socialize in game.

And there’s more! Full patch notes coming soon!

ENJOY ! :cool:
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MessagePosté le: Lun 14 Mar - 15:33 (2011)    Sujet du message: Publicité

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Inscrit le: 05 Nov 2010
Messages: 375
Localisation: Lyon

MessagePosté le: Jeu 17 Mar - 11:21 (2011)    Sujet du message: Patch v1.8 LIVE JEUDI ! Répondre en citant

Patch Notes v1.8 3/17/2011

Introduction to Terminal Woods:

To complement our new map, Terminal Woods, we're releasing brand new content, including 50 missions with a focus on area exploration and challenging group content aimed at our level-capped clones. Players who off-road and explore the woods will be rewarded with hidden questors, special bosses, area achievements, repeatable content, and other fun surprises. One of the new features in this area is exploding barrels which damage all nearby creatures when shot.

Terminal Woods is an overgrown ruination, a breathtaking yet vicious environment and as such much of the player-friendly population has died off miserably. We are, however, including one town, Rock Bottom, with a small clustering of questors where players will find a crafting facility, vault space, mailbox, merchant and auctioneer, garage, and lifenet pod. Elsewhere players will find an additional garage, LifeNet pod and open PvP zone.


• Prepared attacks now use the range of the weapon used to fire them.
• Fixed a case where failed prepared attacks could consume ammo.
• Fixed a case where an action change state may not be sent to the front end.
• Prepared attacks will swing/fire the weapon if you do not meet the requirements to do the prepared action. The prepared attack will remain equipped.
• Added NPC cover objects throughout the ambush encounter area and the ranger station encounter area. Ranged NPCs should now take cover and fire from behind certain barricades, tire stacks and walls.

Abilities :

• Active effects are now reliably processed every second.
• Speed Buffs are added instead of multiplied (e.g. a second buff is now based upon the original speed not on the modified value).
• Model Size Buffs are also added instead of multiplied.

Graphics engine:

• Updated the water system to improve visual quality and include support for flow maps.
• Updated the clutter rendering to include scene ambient light in addition to sunlight.
• Updated the particles to allow them to be affected by the sunlight.


• The crosshair is now red if the target is behind you.
• Added two new global channels that are level based and subscriber only. For existing chat windows, you must also enable the filter in addition to joining the channel.
• Added a new Social window tab that displays the GMs only.
• Added a message on the Who tab when the results limit is reached.
• Fixed the withdraw menu option for expanded clan vault.
• Fixed a display bug with a vault item slot when being dragged over another item.
• Fixed an issue with the Mission tracker so it displays empty lines like the Mission journal.
• Fixed an issue with the mount and pet Vitals window not showing the stats correctly when you first create them until they update.


• Deleted and renamed characters are now removed from other player's friend's lists.
• Clan vaults now will display an error message if the vault is full.
• Improved the cheat detection routines.
• Several server optimizations.
• Fixed a bug where active effect targets were not being sent to the game server on a relog.
• Changed the achievement "Cold Storage" to require the correct missions and be obtainable.
• Non-sellable items can now be put up on the auction, mailed and placed in a clan vault.


• Items created by a mission that are normally cleaned up when the mission completes are now cleaned up when the mission fails or is canceled.

• All mission types have been updated to work better in teams. Most mission goals now share credit with other team members. Missions that require players to gather or equip certain items will not share credit, and the crafting missions will require every player to craft the items themselves. Road Rally missions must be completed individually as well.

• Missions that require players to escort a taget to safety now use a single escort target for the entire team. When the target reaches safety, all team members should receive credit for their participation.

• Some missions have players interact with the environment by clicking on objects. For several of these missions, the player is gathering an item that will show up in their pack. These missions will have to be completed individually by each team member. The rest of the missions of this type will share credit with team members when anyone on the team interacts with the object.

• Many missions require you to hunt down and kill a target, tracking them over a random path before ultimately finding them. All team members should now track the target along the same path.

• Missions that require players to use a particular ability on a target will share credit with all team members. Subsequent attempts by other team members to use the ability on the same target will not give credit, as the team has already been given credit for that target.

• One mission in particular requires the player(s) to flee a location without killing more than a specified number of hostiles in hot pursuit. This "No Kill" count will be shared across the team, and if the maximum prohibited number is met, the entire team will fail the mission together.

• A few missions can chain into a different mission depending on the player's attributes. For this type of mission, everyone on the team will get credit when one member completes the mission. However, the follow-up mission depends on each individual player's attributes. This means different team members could end up with different follow-up missions.

• Fixed a typo in the mission "Destroy the Beast" in Brigg's Point.

• Fixed a typo in the mission "28 Minutes Later" in Buxton.

• Fixed a typo in the mission "Should You Choose To Accept It" in Warhall.

• Fixed an issue where the mission "Treason in the Ranks" in Blackhill where it would not update properly.

Scavenger Bosses:

• Added four Scavenger Bosses. The recipes to create these bosses are under General Mutagenics, General Cooking, General Science and General Geology.

• Scavenger Bosses drop Volatile Chemicals which can be used to upgrade existing armor and weapons. The recipe books for these upgrades are sold by the All-Purpose Vending Machine in Rock Bottom.


• Players must now dismount to heal their mounts.
• Improved the error text when using a vehicle, mount or pet item.
• Fixed the reticle when on the Prairie Chicken mount so it's not being affected by the wielded weapon.

Bunker Bars:

• The NPCs in the Bunker Bars who provided the rest bonus have been fired for sleeping on the job. More competent NPCs have been hired.

• The Bunker Bar rest bonus is now applied to players who are pvp flagged.

• Tier 1 and Tier 2 of the rest bonus are now 15 minutes.

• The Bouncer no longer kicks players off of gambling machines. If there are no machines free and someone is hogging a machine, ask the GM on duty to remove them.

• Gambling machines no longer have a small chance to spawn in a broken state when the server restarts.

• Gambling machines currently do not play the "attract" sounds when they are not being used.


• NPCs spawned by area generators will now properly wander.

• The Experience Bonus on some creatures has been reduced.

• Creatures may now follow a leader.

• Some creatures now do an Action when killed. Some areas of Terminal Woods have exploding barrels.

• El Cadejo's special abilities have a longer range. El Cadejo also requested a scrap wall in his lair and will reset if players get too close to either exit.

• The old Grendels have learned new tricks.

• Several outdoor bosses, special encounters, and new Serendipity creatures have been added to Terminal Woods.

• Adjusted several generators, both creatures and harvest/scavenge nodes, in Sector 3 so that they no longer spawn things in trees.

• Improved how NPCs walk around large areas of water.

Random AP:

• The rate at which players earn Random AP has been increased. The new rate will not apply to a particular character until they get their next Random AP.


• Players now earn more faction points for kills.


• There is a simpler Duel Rating formula. Duel Rating should now be consistently adjusted every time a player wins or loses a duel.

Chat Channels:

• Players should no longer be kicked out of the Faction channel when they receive faction points unless their highest faction changes.

• Below level 15 players are subscribed to the Help channel by default.They are eligible to join the Global1 channel.

• Above level 15 players are unsubscribed from (but eligible to join) the Help channel.

• Above level 30 players are eligible to join either Global 1 or Global2 channels.


• The Social price modifier for merchants has a new formula. Buying items is now roughly (100 - 40 * (Player's % of Max Social - Merchants % of Max Social). Selling items is now roughly (25 + 10 * (Player’s % of Max Social - Merchants % of Max Social). The new caps allow max Social players to buy for 60% of the base cost and sell for 35% of the base cost. Most merchants have a decent Social skill, so buying for 80% and selling for 30% will be more common.

• Prices are no longer increased for players with a low Social skill. If you are below the Social skill required for a merchant, you now buy items for 100% of the base cost and sell for 25% of the base cost.

• In order to get a Social bonus, you must be higher level than the merchant, have more than the minimum Social possible for your level, and be closer to Max Social than the merchant.

• Currently Camp merchants have the best prices followed by Banker's and Franklin's Riders merchants that require faction to unlock. We will make further adjustments to merchant Social skills at a later date.

Items and Recipes:

• Ammunition can no longer be sold to merchants.

• All standard (pistol, rifle, and shotgun) ammunition now has a weight of 1g.

• Efficient and Economic recipes now produce the same ammo as the basic recipes, so they all stack with each other.

• Basic ammo recipes now produce 150 ammo. Efficient ammo recipes now produce 300 ammo. Economic ammo recipes now produce 500 ammo. The components are unchanged.

• The base costs for most of the higher tier components have been reduced. Many item costs and recipes have been adjusted due to the component cost changes.

• Vehicle fueling and mount feeding now restore stamina/fuel instantly, rather than over time.

• Crude, Impure, Average, and Improved Adrenaline Shot speed boosts have been reduced to 2, 3, 4, and 5.

• The Hornet Auto Pistol S has been replaced with the correct item Hornet Auto Pistol.

• Added area harvest/scavenge nodes to Deadfall.

• The Xenofire Rifle is no longer salvageable.

• Bandage recipes now produce a stack of 10 for 10 times the components. The crafting time for all bandage recipes should be one minute.


• Camps only give the creator the Active Camp effect while they are near the camp.

• Added a Faction Control Guard Bundle to Advanced Camps 2. This creates a Faction Guard. It can only be used near a Faction Control Point that your Faction controls. Note that if you create the guard inside the scrap tower, it may not spawn in a good location.

• Added Sandbag Bundles to Camps 2 and Advanced Camps 2. This camp creates a U-shaped wall of sandbags with high health that can be used for cover. This camp currently has no buff and does not prevent players from making another camp.


• Buxton Lifenet pod no longer has holes in the terrain behind it.
• Created Terminal Woods.
• Modeled, textured a new bunker bar for Nuclear Blast promo in Boneclaw.
• Added LifeNet facility and Garage to Terminal Woods.
• The Blood sports grafiti has been replaced with Nuclear Blast on some of the billboards.
• Added an upgrade to the Hexweave and Mesoprene suits that is color customizable.
• Fixed several floating object bugs in Boneclaw.
• Created a more feminine shape for Mesoprene and Hexweave suits.


• Added Nuclear Blast Radio Broadcast to Bunker Bar.
• Added Maurizio from "Kataklysm" VO to NB Radio Broadcast.
• Added a filter to make the broadcast sound muffled from outside the room.
• Added new sound regions for Nuclear Blast Bunker Bar.
• Added sound regions for new encounter areas.
• Adjusted sound for exploding barrels, bringing in their range.
• Posted work-around for world sound areas not playing ambient sounds when entering world.

Blood Sports:

• Changed the method for splitting players into teams in Capture the Flag.


• Players can no longer join a team while in the new tutorial.

Et voilà le patch note 1.8 ! Very Happy
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