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:: Patch Note 1.7.4 ::

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MessagePosté le: Mer 1 Déc - 10:26 (2010)    Sujet du message: Patch Note 1.7.4 Répondre en citant

Icarus vient de dévoiler le contenu du patch qui arrivera demain sur le serveur test.

Le patch note est en-dessous, mais vu sa taille, je ne vais pas (encore?) le traduire complètement et juste vous donner les grandes lignes:

- Une limite au niveau des AP est mise en place. Elle est de 25 AP par niveau (Donc, au niveau 50, le maximum est de 1250). A noter qu'on peut quand même accumuler des AP au-dessus de cette limite, mais qu'on ne pourra pas les dépenser.

- Trois nouveaux monstres Serendipity, qui, contrairement aux précédents, pourront apparaître n'importe où dans un secteur (Il y en a un par secteur).

- Suppression de tous les composants de haut niveau chez les marchands des secteurs 2 et 3, ainsi que Deadfall.

- Diminution des dégâts des coups critiques, mais augmentation du nombre de coups critiques.

- Résolution de deux bugs qui diminuaient les dégâts des NPC humanoïdes.

- Diminution des dégâts des NPC humanoïdes pour compenser la résolution des deux bugs.

- Quelques modifications pour empêcher les NPC de tirer à travers des murs ou des obstacles.

- Ajout d'injecteurs pour apprendre toutes les mutations dans toutes les villes de faction (Et quelques autres villes).

- Dès qu'une faction atteint les 100000 points dans une conflict town, toutes les factions commenceront à perdre des points toutes les cinq minutes. A noter que les Faction Control Points (FCP) proches des conflict town donneront des points en fonction de la faction qui possède les FCP.

- Amélioration des graphismes (Cf ce dont il a déjà été question sur le forum).

- Au niveau de l'open PVP: le délai pour enlever le tag ou le remettre passe de 5 à 15 minutes. En cas de mort, le tag est automatiquement supprimé (Pour résoudre un bug avec l'immunité en cas de mort qu'il y avait avant).

- Changements dans le tutorial dont je n'ai rien à carrer et donc que je ne résumerais pas.

- Début de la reconstruction de Boneclaw avec le test de deux nouveaux types de mission: 1) Des missions de craft (Avant, il suffisait d'avoir l'objet; là, il faudra vraiment le crafter); 2) Des missions qui demanderont de cliquer sur plusieurs objets (Avant, dès qu'on cliquait sur un objet, il y avait une nouvelle sous-mission, voire une nouvelle mission).

Postez par Alamo sur le forum JoL.

Patch Note 1.7.4 Original (site officiel FE):

Version Notes 1.7.4

Introduction to the New AP Spent Cap:

Players gain AP as they always have, but are now limited to spending 25 AP per level. The unspent AP number on the experience bar still shows the total number of unspent AP the player has, but the Attributes window only displays AP available for the player to spend up to their cap .
Players who already spent points over the cap won't lose anything, but they will be unable to spend more points until they gain enough levels to put the level cap past their current spent AP. When using a major respec players will only be able to reallocate points up the cap for their level.


Three new Serendipity mobs have been added to the world, one in each sector. These creatures can spawn anywhere in the wilderness of the whole sector.


In order to improve the economy in the long term, we made some changes to merchants and recipes.

• Removed higher tier components from NPC merchants in Sector 2 and above.
• Component costs have been standardized.
• Refinement recipes to convert components to higher tier components have had their crafting times reduced and the number of lower tier components required has been standardized.
• Any refinement recipes that have not been updated should be reported. A refinement recipe is any recipe that takes a lower grade of a component to make a higher grade of the same component, regardless of whether the recipe also includes other added components.

Content Bugs:

• Fixed a typo in the description for Mushroom Sample.
• Re-instated Midway Gang Colors in Niral Pyce's shop inventory.
• Corrected several skill and item descriptions that stated incorrect stun durations.
• Added "One use only." to the Lifenet Collar Hack items to make it clear that they are one use only.
• The Heavy Maul now correctly does crushing damage.
• Smoking Sabot Round is no longer resistible.
• The Competition Slugthrower's description has been updated.
• Increased the quantity created by the Tune Up In A Box recipe to 10.
• Increased grenades' and bombs' maximum range from 12 meters to as far as they can be thrown.
• Removed internal information from Refugee Component and Refugee Component Sack items.


• Reduced the critical damage modifier, but increased the rate of change of critical hit percentages (determined by Attacker's Weapon Skill versus Target's Melee/Ranged Defense).
• Fixed two critical NPC damage bugs. These bugs were causing all human NPCs with melee weapons, as well as all ranged NPCs with a reload delay to suffer decreased damage values.
• Lowered NPC damage multipliers to compensate for the two above bugs being fixed.
• Temporarily boosted the mitigation percentage in the Weapon Skill versus Melee/Ranged Defense calculation to bring Dodge into parity with Armor Use, since skill line abilities have not yet been rebalanced.


• Improved how melee-range NPCs surround their target. More NPCs can now "fit" around a target
• Tweaked how NPCs get within weapon range of their target.
• Tweaked NPC line of sight to make it more realistic. NPCs now require more picks to gain Line of Sight on a target. This should lower the chance of NPCs shooting through tiny gaps in walls and other obstacles.
• Fixed a bug where the server would 'lag' due to your pet taking a long time to find a path next you.
• Fixed a bug where NPCs were labeled as 'looking for team'.


Added basic Mutation injectors to trainers in:
Sector 2 - Picus Ridge, Haven, Thorne's Bluff, Fracture, Post 23, New Flagstaff, Credit Bend.
Sector 3 - Warhall, St Sebastians, Chemtown, Traders Flat, Dieseltown, Brigs Point, Gaia, Bankers Hole, Black Hill, Los Alamos.


• Promoting/Demoting guild members will no longer remove their wargroup status.

Graphics Engine:

• Updated terrain system to use an alternate mapping for cliff sides to improve terrain quality and eliminate texture distortion on sheer cliff sides and canyon walls.


• Added the resist percentages in addition to the total resists in the gear window which are based on Player Level and Armor Use.


• Improved error messages when players enter item key codes.
• Treasure items that you can use to get multiple items will be more vigilant about checking for the correct amount of pack space and encumbrance before trying to create items.
• The Earthbound in Monkey Town have resolved their differences and should no longer attack each other.
• 'Loot all' will take as much as possible from a corpse, skipping over items that won't fit in your pack.

Conflict Towns :

• Non-timed Conflict Towns now have a decay rate. If any Faction has over 100,000 points, all factions will lose a percent of points every time the town checks for a new owner (about 5 minutes).

World PvP Changes:

• The /pvp flag will be removed when you regenerate at any LifeNet pod. The PvP Immunity effect has been removed.
• World PvP kills now grant more Death Toll the first time a target is killed. Each time that target is killed in a short time period, the amount for the next kill is now divided by 3, 6, 10, 15, and finally 21.
• The PvP flag cooldown effect has been increased from 5 minutes to 15 minutes.

Faction Control Points:

• Reduced the number of Faction Control Points to 3 per server (6 total in Sector 2, 9 total in Sector 3 plus Deadfall).
• Increased the amount of points given to nearby Conflict Towns for each flag held.
• Added a timer so that you must use the flag to start contesting it and then stay in range (and alive) in order to capture the point.
• Rewards are no longer random. Everyone who qualifies will be rewarded when a point is flipped.
• Faction Control Point Guards will chat in /Region when they are attacked.
• Faction Control Point Guards no longer have any loot.


• Created new shader and texture for canyon cliffsides.
• Added new gravel detail texture.
• Polished existing dirt and grass detail textures.


• Lowered Volume of Player Speech per Player feedback.
Improved Tutorial:

The tutorial has been improved and the Hoover Dam level has been updated.


• The tutorial has been reworked. It is now shorter, streamlined, and more action-oriented.
• Help tips have been rewritten.
• New players start at level 1 and keep the gear they receive in the tutorial.
• A new mission gives out more help tips after the main tutorial is over.


• Improved texturing, lighting, and model placement throughout Hoover Dam tutorial.
• Raised elevator brackets in Hoover Dam so they no longer interfere with player camera.
• Added a Staircase that leads directly down to the Lightbearer fight in Hoover Dam.
• Removed all extraneous rooms from Hoover Dam.
• Fixed a major load delay on the door to the axe room of the Hoover Dam.
• Resized several stretched textures in Hoover Dam.
• Blocked off most of the warehouse room to fit new tutorial event.
• Added a new room at the end of the underdweller encounter in Hoover Dam.
• Moved respawn in warehouse closer to the underdweller encounter in Hoover Dam.
• Optimized NPC pathing throughout Hoover Dam.


• Changes to existing Elena VO
• NPC Lifenet Technician VO
• NPC Sara Douglas VO
• NPC Harvey Vegas VO
• (4) New Aro Sei PA announcements
• Snipers now fire at you in the LB fight room
• Increased sound range for Sniper Rifles
• VO cue for LBs running from Snipers
• Increased Underdweller SFX ranges
• Added Underdweller cue to enhance the suspense when they appear
• Reverb should work throughout the entire Tutorial Level now
• Ambient Sound should now work throughout entire Tutorial Level now
• Added fan ambience to Underdweller room
• Adjusted Action Music volume
• Fly SFX around the corpse you get the axe from
• Added Underdweller cue
• Reverb should work properly throughout the entire Tutorial Level now
• Ambience should now work properly throughout entire Tutorial Level now


Boneclaw has been rebuilt from the Ground up! Here's your chance to see the new Boneclaw after the devastating blow from Alec Masters.
In order to improve player flow and overall gameplay we have made some changes to the layout and content in Boneclaw. We have two new mission types for this round of testing, a mission that completes its goals for crafting items, rather than finding them and a use object mission that allows for several triggerable objects. Currently these are the only missions available in Boneclaw.

New Art:

• Sculpted terrain to be more visually appealing and easier to navigate.
• Created new ecosystem
• Modeled and textured all new assets
• Added Blade Dancer Camp SW of Boneclaw
• Added Hydra Weed Fields just N of Boneclaw

New Missions:

• Added new find tradeskill components mission “Health Before Wealth”
• Added new support crafting mission “Trituration” – this is a new mission type
• Added new support crafting mission “Building Tolerance” – this is a new mission type
• Added new find item mission “Thicker Than Water”
• Added new rifle kill mission “Unsafe Distance”
• Added new multi-use object mission “Scrapped Plans” – this is a new mission type
• Added new defend mission “A Scrappy Bunch”
• Added new deliver mission “Bits and Pieces”
• Added new kill mission “Over Underdwellers”
• Added new armor crafting mission “Basically Protected” – this is a new mission type.

New Questors:

• Added new questor “Bootstraps”
• Added new questor “Shaman Mortar”
• Added new questor “Longshot”

New Merchants:

• Added new ballistics merchant “Trajectory”
• Added new science merchant “Ana Canvil”
• Added new medicine merchant “Nelly Maturna” – You can buy “Crude Poison Resistance” from this merchant if you are unable to find it otherwise
• Added new horse merchant “Savi Sunserie”
• Added new food and drink merchant “Messina Jan”
• Added new geology merchant “Naomi Ternia”
• Added new cooking merchant “Lupin Russo”
• Added new firearms merchant “Asher Giaudrone”
• Added new nature merchant “Petal Chalmers”
• Added new armor merchant “Tawny Iona”
• Added new weapon merchant “Notaro Blunt”
• Added new weaponry merchant “Palmi Bruno”
• Added new armorcraft merchant “Sal Undine”

New Trainers:

• Added new armorcraft trainer “Ricci Roman” – you can get the book “Shirts 1” off this trainer if you are unable to complete Longshot's missions
• Added new tradeskill trainer “Burke Burges” – you can learn “Insect Harvest” from this trainer if you have trouble finding some of the tradeskill components for Shaman Mortar's missions otherwise
• Please note that merchants and trainers have been placed for your convenience in testing these new missions. Their locations are subject to change upon live release.
• Please note that this is not all the new content in Boneclaw. More missions will be available soon.
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MessagePosté le: Mer 1 Déc - 10:26 (2010)    Sujet du message: Publicité

PublicitéSupprimer les publicités ?
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Inscrit le: 05 Nov 2010
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MessagePosté le: Mar 14 Déc - 10:04 (2010)    Sujet du message: Patch Note 1.7.4 Répondre en citant

If you’re in search of a new companion this holiday season, the Wasteland’s got ‘em—we’re talkin’ roaches! They may try to smuggle some of your grub, but these handsome vermin make for great company…

In addition to a new pet, a slew of great new features are on their way with the launch of patch v1.7.4!
Get ready for our combat changes, an improved tutorial, AP Spent Cap, new Random AP system, terrain enhancements and world PvP updates (including experience granted for PvP kills). Not to mention a rebuilt Boneclaw.
To help accommodate Wastelanders to the combat updates, we’ll be mailing all current, non-deleted characters a Pristine Recombinant Injector in-game for a full respec, should you desire.

Check out the new content before it hits Live on the PTS now and check out the PTS patch notes here.
Keep a look out for our next official State of the Game after the New Year and be sure to enter now and log in for your chance to win in our Fallen Earth Holiday Apocalypse Challenge!

Mise à jour du post, le patch 1.7.4 sera mise en place ce Mercredi 15/12/2010.
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MessagePosté le: Mar 14 Déc - 10:59 (2010)    Sujet du message: Patch Note 1.7.4 Répondre en citant

Une respec .... Rhooo chic alors je vais pouvoir réoptimiser Magda xD
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MessagePosté le: Mar 14 Déc - 11:17 (2010)    Sujet du message: Patch Note 1.7.4 Répondre en citant

Yep respec pour tout le monde ! Mais je pensais ceux qui ont dépassé les caps AP, genre les 50 ? Ils vont perdre des points ou ?...
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MessagePosté le: Mar 14 Déc - 12:18 (2010)    Sujet du message: Patch Note 1.7.4 Répondre en citant

Bonne question .. J'en ai aucune idée  Shocked
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MessagePosté le: Mar 14 Déc - 12:55 (2010)    Sujet du message: Patch Note 1.7.4 Répondre en citant

Je viens de relire le NOTE PATCH.
Ca va faire super bizzare, le Knockdown est exclusif au Mélée dorénavant et n'est donc plus lié à l'ARMOR USE. Je pensais que les Mélée etait déjà suffisamment up ?

D'après ce que j'ai compris, il va y avoir un gros nerf sur le Health.

Tous les debuffs d'armor ont été nerf aussi.
Dans cette note version ci dessous, je n'ai pas vue la partie sur le cap AP.

Beaucoup de chose useless: amélioration du tutorial, refonte de boneclaw(ca va être jolie mais bon...)...

Version Notes1.7.4

Graphics Engine:

• Added support for colorgrading that is enabled with Post FX. This is used now in Boneclaw. Combat:
• Two bugs causing NPCs to miss far less than they should have been fixed.
• Players now gain three health for each level, three health for each point of endurance, and two health for each point of strength.
• Enabled the impact effects when shooting at trees.

• Sympathy Pains and Scorching Rebuke have had their damage reduced.
• Armor Reducing abilities have had their magnitude reduced to bring them in line with the current lower mitigation levels. This should include all armor reduction abilities: Armor Melting, Brutalize, Decomposing Acids, Devastating Shockwave, Dissolve, Feint, Perforate, Pierce Armor, Pinpoint Vulnerability, Puncture, Scorching Bombs, Sonic Lance, and Storm of Steel.
• Capstone abilities no longer require faction. There will still be major changes to them in the future.
• Knockdown is now a Melee ability, rather than Armor Use.
• Other player abilities causing Knockdown now cause Stun.
• Rifle Smash now has a shorter snare duration.
• Agonizing Wound has a slightly shorter snare duration.

• Grenades and Bombs now have a 10 second delay.
• Deadfall Ice Grenades now do 30 damage. Their snare is unchanged.
• Quick Death Poisons now do 73, 95, and 120 damage (by rank).
• Crude Electric Generator now does 100 damage and shares a cooldown with damage consumables.
• The Tesla Coat has had its damage shield pulled due to bugs and balance issues. It has been given additional secondary and tertiary resists.
• All Slugthrowers now have a scope on the model and on the item.

• Refinement recipes are now better differentiated from recipes that create components out of other components.
• Refinement recipes have been added for Fasteners, Paper, Gears, and Circuits.

Garage/Stable Managers:
• Added a garage near the new Lifenet pod, south of Boneclaw (4013421 3212801 142622)
• Added a stable manager to the old garage, north of Boneclaw (3994519 3255959 142668)

• Changed the merchants in Sunshine Corners back to their original states
• Changed the merchants in Wasted Woods back to their original states
• Changed the merchants in Los Alamos back to their original states
• Changed the merchants in Gaia back to their original states
• Changed the merchants in the Repository back to their original states
• Changed the merchants in Chemtown back to their original states
• Changed the merchants in Trader's Flat back to their original states
• Changed the merchants in Tannerfield back to their original states
• Changed the merchants in Papermill back to their original states
• Changed the merchants in Blackhill back to their original states
• Merchants can now sell up to 64 items.

• Bounty Hunter missions no longer have a delay at each waypoint.
• Bounty Hunter mission targets should spawn more reliably.
• Bounty Hunter missions that require players to use an item will always show the first waypoint.
• Bounty Hunter targets will no longer run away from the waypoint.

• All camps now last 3 hours.

• NPCs can once again loot any NPCs they kill if they get loot rights. Currently only a few guards and the Enforcers in the tutorial have this enabled.
• Professor Eddings in New Flagstaff University should find a path to the consoles correctly.
• Most Escort NPCs have increased health.

• Armored Mesoprene Boots now display properly when equipped with pants.
• Battle Scarred Lifenet Pants now display properly when wearing boots.
• Boneclaw Lifenet facility no longer floats off terrain on one side per PTS feedback.
• Steel support in Boneclaw Lifenet facility now has collision per PTS feedback.
• Wooden structure in Boneclaw now has collision per PTS feedback.
• Ramps throughout Boneclaw have proper collision per PTS feedback.
• Stairs fixed in opening room of Tutorial fixed per PTS feedback.
• A stuck spot in Boneclaw was fixed per PTS feedback.
• Collision removed from roadlogs in Boneclaw per PTS feedback.

Terrain updates:
• Balanced color on all terrain and scrub.
• Finalized all terrain textures

• Numerous volume and level adjustments to tutorial sounds and cues.
• Reduced overall reverb amount for tutorial.
• Added sound for tutorial elevator going down.

• Fixed a particular case of character warping
• Fixed a bug where a NPCs direction may not have been sent to the front end.
• Fixed a bug where you could be thrown out of an instance if the player failed to connect on the first attempt.
• 'Loot all' will now skip over items that don't fit into the player's pack.
• If harvesting / salvaging fails we now display the name of the attribute that is out of range.
• Fixed a bug where brain messages could fail to be processed by NPCs
• Fixed a possible crash bug processing queued database queries
• Players now gain experience when killing other players. The amount of experience declines if you kill the same target multiple times in a few minutes.
• Players can now earn AP from in-game activities other than missions, including killing creatures, PvP kills, harvesting, and crafting.

Faction Control Point and Conflict Town Updates:
• The guards and flags are now inside towers. The guards in Sector 3 and Deadfall are a little bit tougher.
• Guards no longer spawn while a flag is contested.
• Guards no longer chat when they aggro creatures and won't chat more often than every 2 minutes.
• Guards no longer despawn when a nearby flag is flipped (mainly applies to Haietta).
• Players are now told if they lost the contest for a Point for dying or going out of range.
• Rewards for Sector 3 and Deadfall Points have been increased to 250 DeathToll and 500 Faction.
• The master event once again correctly counts the number of flags per sector. Text messages and buff ranks should be correct.
• Fixed an issue that could cause the first harvest node to spawn for a different faction than the one controlling the point.
• Faction Control Points now give 2500 points to the nearby Conflict Town for their faction every 5 minutes.
• The non-timed Conflict Towns now decay all factions by 10% every five minutes if any faction is over 360,000 points.
• Conflict Town guards and merchants are now easier to upgrade. All towns should require about 15 turn-ins total to get Tier 2 (less if any players are doing the missions for the first time).

World PvP Updates:
• The PvP flag is no longer removed when you respawn.
• When you respawn via LifeNet (not every time you enter a LifeNet level or when you are ressurected by another player), you will get a PvP Immunity buff. This buff can be cancelled and will be automatically removed when you exit the LifeNet level.
• Players who kill members of their own faction or clan no longer get any Death Toll instead of having the reward reduced by 90%.
• Fixed several cases where players with no faction points were treated as members of the CHOTA faction.
• Fixed several cases where players would not receive faction from NPC kills.
• The World PvP Disable effect does not persist through a relog. If you log out and back in, you will need to /pvp again to restart the timer for turning it off.
• PvP Experience has been turned on. The amount of experience declines if you kill the same target multiple times in a few minutes. Currently all PvP kills outside of duels grant experience, but we may want to disable PvP experience in Blood Sports and other specific situations.

• The Basic Axe now swings faster.
• Fixed spelling errors and mismatches between the text and voiceovers.
• Various NPC positions, waypoints, and timings adjusted.
• Clicking on the corpse really fast will no longer give you multiple Axes.
• No more than four Underdwellers spawn at the end.
• Players who have looted a keycard, but have not killed both melee enemies when they crash or log out will go to the next state when they log in. The melee enemies will despawn.
• Players who have looted ammo but not the Slugthrower when they crash or log out will now get the Slugthrower when they log in and the Rifle NPC will not spawn.
• The Lightbearer Acolytes now run to the Lightbearer Healer and come out of hiding when the snipers are killed.
• Everyone in the Enforcer fight does less damage. Krell has more health.
• The Snipers have a shorter range.
• Harvey Vegas and the first terminal no longer say debug strings.
• The first harvesting node you haven't yet harvested now has a waypoint leading to it.
• The intro movie will no longer play twice if you log out at the town chooser.
• The main tutorial event, "Escape from Hoover Dam," will be cleaned up out of the mission journal when you choose a starter town.
• It is much more likely that players will get events, items, and knowledges double-checked when they arrive in the starter town, but there is still a chance that there will be a short delay.
• Debug text has been turned off.

• Added a recess below the elevator in Hoover dam Tutorial so that players will no longer get stuck.
• Several fixes made to objects clipping into walls in the tutorial per PTS feedback.
• Several stuck spots alleviated in the tutorial per PTS feedback.
• Collision in the tutorial now prevents players from getting stuck in the warehouse per PTS feedback.

• Added questor Fissile who gives “Unholy Baptism” and “Eye of the Beholder”
• Added questor Ragweed who gives “Dead Harvest” and “Withered Harvest”
• Added questor Bootstraps who gives “Basically Protected 1 & 2”
• Added questor Hoot who gives “Creepy-Crawlies Corral,” “Creepy-Crawly Wily Woman,” and “Duke Out at the Corral”
• Added questor Whiplash who gives “Hacked 1 & 2,” “Then Slashed,” “Crushing Creepers,” “Ant Smashing,” and “The Big Job”
• Added questor Deviant who gives “Substance Abuse” and “Back to Basics”
• Added questor Nil who gives “Orphanage for Fallen Warriors,” “Think of the Children,” “Clones Without Borders 1 & 2,” and "A Grave Result"
• Added questor Deadeye who gives “Ranged Danger,” “In Range,” “Speed Kills,” and “Quick Draw”
• Added questor Brawler who gives “Blood Harvest,” “A Good Yield,” and “Cleaning up the Chaff”
• Added questor Strongarm who gives “Fractured Bone,” “The Cast,” “Deepening Rift,” and “A New Bond”
• Added questor Chernobyl who gives “A Breach of Contract,” “Schism,” “On the Mend,” “A Split Upper Lip,” and “The Harrowing”
• Added questor Curator Blight who gives “Pick Your Poison”
• Added questor Longshot who gives “Unsafe Distance,” “Scrapped Plans,” “A Scrappy Bunch,” “Bits and Pieces,” and “Over Underdwellers”
• Added questor Shaman Mortar who gives “Health Before Wealth,” “Trituration,” “Building Tolerance,” and “Thicker Than Water”
• Added questor Meena who gives “These Tangled Ends,” and “Unraveling“
• Added questor Maw who gives “Twisted and Trapped,” “Picking the Knot,” and “Tying the Knot”
• Added questor YoungGlory who gives “Without a Trace” and “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie”

• Added ballistics merchant “Trajectory”
• Added science merchant “Ana Canvil”
• Added medicine merchant “Nelly Maturna”
• Added horse merchant “Savi Sunserie”
• Added food and drink merchant “Messina Jan”
• Added geology merchant “Naomi Ternia”
• Added cooking merchant “Lupin Russo”
• Added firearms merchant “Asher Giaudrone”
• Added nature merchant “Petal Chalmers”
• Added armor merchant “Tawny Iona”
• Added weapon merchant “Notaro Blunt”
• Added weaponry merchant “Palmi Bruno”
• Added armorcraft merchant “Sal Undine”
• Added mutagenics merchant “Cosmo Ali”

• Added armorcraft trainer “Ricci Roman”
• Added nature/geology trainer “Burke Burges”
• Added alpha mutations trainer Lula Bianchi

• Polished textures for all assets.
• Consolidated textures for improved performance.
• Added fires around town.
• Added radioactive particles to water, and dust particles to a few roads.
• Added lightstate to change area lighting.
• Widened ramps to accommodate easier travel.
• Completed object collision in area.
• Changed water color to yellow/green to better represent the radioactive water.
• Added decorative and flavor objects around the area.
• Added garage closer to LifeNet facility.

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MessagePosté le: Mar 14 Déc - 14:27 (2010)    Sujet du message: Patch Note 1.7.4 Répondre en citant

Nan ? Tu déconnes... Plus de KD pour Baruch ?! Ça va clairement rendre le pvp plus compliqué.
Sinon, moi, rien ne me choque ou ne m'indigne, je suis peut être optimiste mais j'ai l'impression qu'ils ont tendance à changer de cap.
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MessagePosté le: Mar 14 Déc - 14:30 (2010)    Sujet du message: Patch Note 1.7.4 Répondre en citant

Oui, il y a pas mal de MàJ sur le PvP. Après je veux pas voir de déséquilibre avec les différentes classes pour moi les mélées vont être un peu plus chaud...
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MessagePosté le: Mar 14 Déc - 15:34 (2010)    Sujet du message: Patch Note 1.7.4 Répondre en citant

C'est bon pour moi ça !
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Dans l'ensemble je trouve que c'est bon, oui. Je comprend la frustration des 50 qui risquent de perdre des AP (mon Baruch en perdra sûrement aussi), mais le cap AP est une bonne chose puisque ça réduit la nécessité de farmer les quêtes pour tous les avoir.

Pareil pour l'accès à tous les injecteurs depuis toutes les factions, ça pourrait annoncer des instances PvE « hardcore », et la nécessité de monter des healers purs jusqu'a présent réservés aux LB, ce qui handicapait les clans qui n'en acceptait pas.
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Pour les KD et la baisse des debuff je trouve ça une bonne chose....Un pistol qui KD un gars = le gars mort le temps qu'il se releve......Un CaC qui stun un gars et lui envoie un debuff de primary armure = le gars mort (je ne parle meme pas du gars qui en plus prend un dot "primary armure")

Pour les AP si j'ai bien compris un joueur ne pourra gagner plus de 25 AP par nv, si il gagne plus les AP ne seront pas utilisable avant le nv supérieur  .....25X50 = 1250 AP ça fais pas mal qd surtout ça + le fait que toutes le mutations nv 0 soit disponible a tout l'monde rend le tour de roue inutile.
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